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NebCorp started out from humble beginnings as the NebCorp Broom & Fly Net Company in September of 1866. After quickly establishing the company as the dominant force in brooms and fly nets, company founders expanded the business to, at first, related ventures and subsequently into new markets. This fast pace of integration on the vertical and horizontal axes, as well as the z-axis, propelled NebCorp to world domination.

The Early Years: Grassroots Mind Control


In it's early years, NebCorp relied on blood, sweat, tears, earth, wind, and fire to Speak the Word. Operatives were often seen, as above, speaking from makeshift pulpits on busy street corners. While some operatives spoke, others handed out pamphlets, books, and subversive literature. Still others, dressed as normal citizens, incited and encouraged the crowd to agree with the speakers.

Back in those days, operatives were often arrested by civil authorities. However, thanks to regiments of unscrupulous lawyers, few were ever convicted. Such grassroots organization built the foundation upon which NebCorp erected its empire.

The New Face of Labour

A major innovation which facilitated NebCorp's rise was the implementation of child labour. On the one hand, children were smarter, they possessed more dexterity and nimbleness in their limbs, and had the physical resiliency to work long hours. On the other hand, the corporation was able to keep costs down by paying children less than their adult counterparts and by not being compelled to pay benefits. Furthermore, child labour was plentiful and expendible. Such was a win-win situation.

In the picture above, we see a photograph of child labourers working efficiently at a whiskey distillery. In 1896, the NebCorp Broom & Fly Net Company expanded into the alcohol industry -- one of its first new ventures -- and simply renamed itself NebCorp

As a result of these labour practises, NebCorp was widely demonized as a corruptor of youth. And the rise of the temperance movement certainly did nothing to help NebCorp's image. Of course, such accusations were not without merit. At this time, most NebCorp regional headquarters, factories, and speak-easies were targets of protest gatherings.

Often, such protests turned bloody as the intolerant religious organizations that coordinated these protests resorted to violent means in order to bring their point accross. However, thanks to a strategically postioned Gatling Gun emplacement -- or a few skillful truck drivers -- the protestors were usually scattered very quickly and business would resume as usual.

The Empire Strikes Back

To counter these heinous, albeit true, accusations, NebCorp developed a two-pronged strategy. One targeted young pupils while the second focused on university level education.

The first prong included a popular program for young boys and girls to be introduced into the NebCorp Way. This youth brigade was known as the Neb Corps. Unlike the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, who accepted only monotheist, heterosexual children of only one sex, the Neb Corps accepted everybody. Children were encouraged to explore their feelings of nihilism, agnosticism, and, most importantly, their budding sexuality in a guilt-free environment. This early education introduced youngsters to the ultimate opiate of the masses, sex. Regular access to sex -- used later as an incentive for workers -- resulted in a generally happier, and thus, more docile workforce.

NebCorp At War

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The Television Age

With the advent of television came a much more effective means of broadcasting ideas and mind control. Viewers not only heard what broadcasters told them, but they saw the images the broadcasters wanted viewers to see. This attack upon two senses proved indispensible to controlling the masses.

And NebCorp wasted no time in mobilizing to control this vast medium. Viewers were quickly introduced to NebCorp's corrupting powers as numerous experiments utilizing this powerful medium proceeded. For example, an entire generation of Americans was lulled into a sense of plassitude -- and explosive reproduction -- due to the suggestion of shows like Lawrence Welk

The Race to Space

Photo taken on deck of the USS Wasp as she is about to recover a Gemini space capsule. By utilizing the human and machine resources of both the United States and the Soviet Union, NebCorp took a commanding lead in the space race, establishing landing sites on the dark side of the moon by July of 1966.

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