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Board of Inquiry

The Board is but one of NebCorp's numerous information- gathering arms. It is, indeed, the oldest of NebCorp's numerous tentacles, harkening back to the traditional manner of gathering information -- direct and grueling inquisition.

Its main objective is to aquire and assemble an accurate picture of what is occuring in the world. Such an end is accomplished via a constant process of interrogation and investigation of civic, cultural, and religious leaders. Where the Board encounters uncooperative individuals, violent means may be employed to encourage cooperation.

Since NebCorp fabricates the reality it monitors, the Board of Inquiry, then, functions as sort of a quality-control feedback-loop mechanism by which NebCorp operatives may gauge the effectiveness of their efforts. On the same hand, the Board often uncovers -- via close analysis of the facts gathered -- new ways in which NebCorp may rule your world.

Reconnaissance Wing

Throughout the ages, as NebCorp scientists and engineers have developed new technologies, operatives began using the technologies to further aid the Corporation in ruling the world. The Reconnaissance Wing represents the organization of these new high technologies to supplement to information- gathering function of entities such as the Board of Inquiry.

Some of these emergent technologies embraced by the Reconnaissance Wing include satellites, helicopters, radio transmitters, curling irons, telephones, and children's ice cream. In many cases, NebCorp informants are capable of listening to the waves of thought patterns emitted by ordinary citizens.

At NebCorp, the word privacy knows no definition.

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Multimedia Empire

A pleasant result of NebCorp's achievement of total media control has been the realization of mass mind control. Our Multimedia Empire uses the information aquired from NebCorp's various information gathering arms and blends it with fabricated information in order to broadcast a vision of reality that is both appealing to the general public and clandestine in its mind-control purpose.

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NOTE:NebCorp requires that you have Quicktime 3.0 (or better) present on your computer to view these sensitive pieces of video.

NebCorp Geologic Survey

Of course, sometimes merely molding the perception of reality is not enough. Occasionally, it becomes necessary to shape the very world NebCorp rules. The NCGS studies the physical environment of the planet and, where needed, utilizes heavy machinery to modify it. Such machinery is located at the surface, under the sea, in huge subterranean caverns, and on orbital utility platforms.

NCGS: "change for a scientific world"

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NCGS Nebraska Project

NebCorp Militia

At NebCorp, we realize that sometimes mere mind control, fabrication of perceptions, and alteration of physical reality is not enough. To deal with those stubborn individuals, we employ the persuasive tool of violence.

Our battalions of elite torturers, goons, cleaners, henchmen, axmen, screws, etc. are trained in a range of specialties utilizing the most modern proven, safe, and effective techniques. Furthermore, our operatives train in a variety of harsh environments so as to better prepare them for carrying out their assigned duties anywhere on the globe.

Please feel free to visit one of our clandestine training sites in Decatur, Illinois and Rawlins, Wyoming. We offer discounts for tour groups who wish to experience firsthand the intense training regimen by offering to become subjects.


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